California Claro Walnut FOR SALE

West Hills Wood no longer has California Claro Walnut for sale.

We had some for quite awhile and sold several sets, including those shown below. But now the Great State of California has decided to impose new rules of operation to even the smallest of wood suppliers. So West Hills Wood is no longer a seller.

Our friendly wood harvester provides the shop with ample supplies. We will not (cannot) ship nor advertise anything specific. But if you are local and in need of something, give us a call or drop in and maybe we can make a deal. OR, we can put you in touch with our favorite Central Valley supplier. Contact Us and we will see what we can do to fill your need.


We no longer sell wood. Our supply guy has moved on so we shifted away.

However, we do have good resawing capacity and can help dimension your rough boards or help cut pieces for your project.

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