Beginner Woodworking Video

West Hills Wood has just started up a FREE Beginner Woodworking Video Series for those of you looking to get started with woodworking. We address those issues that other wood sites often overlook.

While our tools page is popular enough, video allows us to communicate in ways the written word does not. We are quick to answer questions, explain particulars, and show how/why things are the way they are in the shop.

Our Beginner Woodworking Video Series will build upon a few introductory videos and continue to grow over time. 

Video #1   Introduction to our Video Series:

Woodworking requires various pieces of wood be brought together to make something more useful than a simple stick. But when cutting, gluing, or shaping said stick, we need an extra hand. That's where clamps come into play. In our CLAMP video, we show you the type we use most in our shop.

Video #2  Clamps:

West Hills Wood tasks call for any number of cutting tools. We like power and hand held and mostly anything that gets the job done while leaving or fingers attached.

Video #3   Types of Hand Saws

Our Beginner Woodworking Video Series started when someone came by the shop and began asking a lot of very beginner type questions. One was his confusion over the difference between a Miter Saw and Chop Saw. We've written it up of course but the video is passable to.

Video #4   Chop/Miter Saw

Seeing a screwdriver work is very different from actually using one. But what kind should a beginning woodworker get? Short answer: the kind you have on hand.

Video #5   Screwdrivers

Not all measurement tools are created equal. They perform the function in a number of different manners. There's a still shot in this video that shows how difficult it can be to read some rulers over others.

Video #6   Measuring Tips

Our Beginner Woodworker Video Series would be lame without helping let you know what kind of power tools you do not need in order to get started.

Video #7   Don't Buy Stuff You Don't Need

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