CD Storage Box

We were commissioned to build this cd storage box for a music publisher. They needed 3 of these and found a sample one online for about $300. We saved them some money and were able to build these to fit exactly across the top of their desk.

Made of 3/4-inch plywood, we used nails and glue to hold everything together.

We didn't bother with making dadoes as these cd storage boxes are not meant to hold much weight. Our nail gun made for real quick assembly of the sides and back. Using a clamp helps hold pieces in alignment.

Nail holes are small but bothersome. So we cut some trim strips to 1/8-inch thickness and glued them over the nail lines. Sanding the edges down smoothed the overall look of the finished piece.

There is only one shelf used on these boxes. We cut a scrap piece to use as a spacer as opposed to trying to measure and place the shelf.

Since this will be sitting on a desk, we needed to leave room enough for cds as well as a variety of electronic equipment such as hard drives and speakers.

To support the center shelf, we chalked a line down the back center and used it to guide us when nailing through to the shelf. Glue and nails are plenty strong for this application. Our finished cd storage shelf is 52 inches long.

A 3/4 x 1/2 trim strip is used to strengthen the shelf. We carved a slot on the side trim to allow the shelf trim more support. It's usually not a good idea to let a shelf get beyond 36 inches long. In this case, the load is minimal, we used 3/4-inch plywood with solid trim, and the depth is just over 6 inches. So we're expecting long life from these.

Our client selected this gray/brown enamel paint. Rubber feet on the ends and middle add support and make these cd storage boxes stackable. The center hole is meant to allow chords to pass through.

We made this project a little harder by using the thin trim strips, but there doesn't seem to be any way around it given the simple nature requested by the client - who saved several hundred dollars by having us make these.

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