Wood Guitar Rest

Wood guitar rest is the best name we could come up with for this nifty little piece. We searched high and low for wooden guitar stand plans and ideas. It seems there are several ideas out there and each is cost-prohibitive to produce. So the best way for us was to create something we could actually use ourselves.

Coincidently, our wood supplier asked if we could make use of some walnut edge pieces. These are parts of the tree which yield no useable lumber and are often thrown away. Here is our result.

We combined the unique walnut edges with pecan support base to create what we think is a terrific design. Each piece is different and we’ve found that the rougher the figure, the more interest is generated. The unobtrusive size and beautiful natural look makes these ideal for a music room setting.

The feet have eighth-inch foam padding and are double beveled to bring the guitar into the back. We thought about putting a pad on the back where it contacts the guitar, but decided against it as this is a non-issue. Guitars are not so delicate as to require it. Besides, we’ve yet to damage our instruments through many months of service. None of our customers have added any either.

We've sold out of the couple dozen we made. We can certainly make one for you. Better yet, make your own. You can use a live edge, as we show here, sculpt your own edge, or go with a straight piece. Our web design software does not allow us to display a plan page large enough to be useful.

Contact us and we'll send you a one-page plan with suggestions and dimensions for making your own wood guitar rest. It'll cost you the price of an email. Send us a photo of the one you make, we'll post it.

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